Low Energy

I want to talk to you about low energy.  Do you feel tired? Do you feel sluggish?  Have you lost motivation.  You know lost that Mojo that you used to have? Maybe you just feel too tired to do the things you need to. Are you too tired to go for a walk or hike with your husband or significant other. Are you too tired to play with your kids? Are you too tired to do simple tasks like cleaning your house. Then you just might need a reboot.  A battery recharge.

 What I want to focus on in the next few minutes is that there are multiple reasons for low energy.  As women, we most often think of hormone imbalance as being a big contributor to our low energy. and it definitely can be depending on what our levels are, but there are many more areas that contribute to low energy. 

For one your diet has so much to do with how you feel.  Have you heard “ WE Are WHAT WE EAT!!  It is True. Believe me.  What we eat feeds our cells and our cells are made up of mitochondria.  You may remember studying about those in biology class.  Our Mitochondria are the energy house of our bodies. Imagine them as little batteries.  And we have trillions of those little batteries all over our body.  It really is amazing how our bodies are made and the ability to create energy. But what we eat will either fuel those cells to make more energy or clog them up so that they are not as efficient in producing the energy we need.

The toxins we are exposed to interrupt the communication of these pathways and we are left with low powered batteries and low energy. The fact is most of us do not even think about all of the toxins that come in on a day-to-day basis.  And those toxins need to be grabbed up and sent out of our bodies. If they aren’t then they stay and clog up our pathways and our batteries do not run as efficiently.  Let me give you a personal example.  When I began looking deeper into functional medicine for my own health, I became aware that my 2 1/2 hour per day commute influenced my personal pathways because of the fumes I was inhaling daily.  And this had an effect on my energy levels.

What areas could be affecting your energy levels.  Could it be hormones. Could it be the food you are eating.  Could it be toxins.  Could it be your own unique DNA code that makes you more susceptible to bad pathways?  Most conventional approaches do not go into these areas to find out what may be contributing to your low energy.  Normally, only a few labs are drawn, that look at anemia or your thyroid, maybe your hormones. But there generally is not a deep dive into all areas that may be affecting your energy.

Are you interested in taking a deeper look into what may be causing your low every levels? Are you ready to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day with higher energy? If you are then please join my Facebook group or book a call with me. I would love to talk with you about how I can help you Feel Like Yourself Again and help you have more energy to enjoy doing things with the people you love and Live while you are Living.  That really is my hope for all of you.  To enjoy the most, you can of every day you are given.  I look forward to talking with you about your unique situation.  

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